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VOHN serves as a platform for exhibitions, intellectual inquiry, and cultural exploration. With a focus on contemporary, contextual art within the gallery structure.

An Exhibit for the 99 Percent,

284 Grand Street, 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10002

Artenol Magazine presents the second in a series of events dedicated to an examination of the state of contemporary art and its co-option by rich collector/speculators aided in their quest for ever-greater resale profits by elite, publicly-funded art institutions. These are the 1 percent for whom art is nothing more than a safe repository for capital. The system of Big Art, with its tony galleries and value-adding museums, necessarily excludes those without means or influence − the remaining 99 percent.  

Artenol Magazine offers The Revolution Continues, a show of revolutionary posters created to call attention to the inequities of Big Art and to inspire the 99 percent to action. It also celebrates the sesquicentennial of Gustave Courbet's revolutionary masterpiece, "The Origin of the World." A champion of freedom and truth in all things, Courbet created this small painting in 1866 to test the limits of those concepts. Now, 150 years after the French master painted his "Origin," Artenol Magazine founder, artist Alex Melamid, will show a work of his own during The Revolution Continues to celebrate Courbet's picture. A truly revolutionary (and potentially scandalous*) painting titled "Le But du Monde", by Alex Melamid will be unveiled during the exhibit's opening on Sunday, April 24.

*Due to the possible philosophical repercussions of this artwork, Artenol Magazine will restrict its viewing to individuals who are 18 years of age or older. Valid ID will be required.



APRIL 10 - 22
284 Grand Street, 2nd Floor. New York, NY 10002

As a preliminary event to The Revolution Continues, Artenol Magazine will also offer a show of work by those who have contributed to its pages. Called The Writers Exhibit, consisting of a dozen artworks by authors Ian Frazier, Lawrence Weschler, Martin Rowson, Everett Aison, Eleanor Bergstein, Mark Kelner, graphic artists Art Spiegelman, Nick Wadley and Jon Agee, to name a few.

Proceeds from the sale of these pieces will benefit the magazine.